Highest-Performing Methods for Writing Meta Descriptions
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Highest-Performing Methods for Writing Meta Descriptions

Before ever reaching your business website, the majority of visitors with intent will form their first opinion of your website based on the 155-character meta description that Google shows below each search result. This is your chance to offer a description of your website that is clear and concise for the reader as well as for the search engine to use when indexing the page. This looks very basic, but trust me, this is where most business owners mess up their SEO strategy most of the time. The website destination might be great, but if the description that would prompt people to the site isn’t well done, you might be having a terrible SEO service experience. That is why very meticulous business owners will contract out everything that has to do with their SEO performance to trusted SEO agency to handle. Learn more guide for your Google Business Profile to improve your SEO strategy.

It is necessary for meta descriptions to provide information that is both concise and actionable. This is done for two reasons: first, to convince the search engine that the page in question is the one that should be shown; and second, to convince the user that the page in question has the information that they are looking for. It is one of the best ways to increase your click-through rate (CTR), and displaying relevant information to a visitor is one of the best ways to do so. A suitable description may accomplish this goal. You will have a much better chance of getting listed on the search engine’s results top page if you are able to perfectly match the user’s search phrase within your meta description. This will considerably boost your chances of being displayed. So, not only in your blog articles or landing page, your meta descriptions should contain your ranking SEO keywords in them. 

Highest-Performing Methods for Writing Meta Descriptions

There are a lot of perks that just can’t be ignored, and one of them is the ability to directly match the search phrase. For example, if someone were searching for “How to get affordable SEO service in Brisbane,” could see the relevant search keywords highlighted in the meta description, and as a consequence, they would have a greater possibility of clicking the option and go through to your website, than following other leads or options that has nothing about the search keywords. This SEO keywords implementation in meta description can be tricky sometimes, because a single business page might want to rank for multiple keywords, to solve the issue, you will have to prioritise, answer this question – which of these keywords most describe the solution in the webpage? If you are able to identify that, then you can focus on it in your meta description. But, if you are creative enough to include multiple keywords without the description losing value – because it has to be a message appealing and compelling to your potential customers. If doing all these little and basic things will seems difficult, you don’t have to force yourself to it, there are SEO companies that offers wholistic SEO services, they will take care all your SEO needs. 

The method that is used by Google to provide meta descriptions

Keep in mind that you cannot guarantee that Google will show your meta description below your website in the search results. Since you don’t have an 100% assurance that Google will list your meta description, don’t put too much expectations on it, but rather, make adequate preparation to prompt Google to always chose your webpage when it comes to certain SEO keywords, and if the meta description is displayed make it one in a life time opportunity to capture the attention of your audience. The search engine may, in many cases, abbreviate the description, add more text to the description, or use other content from within the page if it provides a better match for the user’s search keywords than the text that was initially provided, if it is determined that the abbreviated description, additional text, or other content is available. Google uses all or part of the meta description provided to it approximately 55% of the time.

It is absolutely worth your time and effort to include them, despite the fact that you do not have complete control over what Google shows. The fact that including them has the potential to increase your click-through rate, which is a criterion Google uses to assess your rankings, makes it well worth your time and effort.

Highest-Performing Methods for Writing Meta Descriptions

The Traits That Make for an Excellent Meta Description

Reduce it as much as possible.

As was mentioned before, the meta description that you create has a limited capacity in terms of the number of characters it can accommodate. Do not clutter up the space unnecessarily with things that have no business being there in the first place. Keep as much of the conversation as you in the description relevant and focus on the subject at hand.

Be sure to focus on the SEO keywords and phrases that you wish to highlight in this sentence.

If you can match a user’s search term as closely as possible, more of the user’s words will stand out in your meta description, making the search result seem more relevant. This cannot be overemphasized; it’s just like a 1 plus 1 math question, to find an exact match of their keywords in your description gives a higher probability that they will click through to your website. Before selecting a keyword that, will match the user’s intent, I hope you know how that is done? We have covered this subject in P1 SEO agency other blog articles. If you’re family with the process but you’re not sure you are doing the right thing in your keyword research, selection and content creation, we are here to help you. P1 SEO agency is an SEO service company in Australia with profound experience in this field.

Think about the several routes that someone may use to locate you.

Your odds of obtaining what you’re looking for are significantly improved if you are able to predict the searcher’s intention more accurately. It’s possible that you’ll need to do some educated guesswork in this regard, but to start, you should ask yourself what types of questions they could have in the first place that could bring them to that page.

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