• Application of Insurance to Superannuation
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    Application of Insurance to Superannuation

    As well as superannuation, most super funds also provide their members with certain vital insurance choices. They’re meant to provide members peace of mind should anything unforeseen happen. The three most prevalent forms of superannuation advice for insurance are: Total and permanent disability insurance (TPD) which can replace your income if you’re wounded and can’t ever work again. Life insurance which can assist in providing for your loved ones if you die. Life insurance is commonly referred to as death cover by super funds. Income protection insurance, which can replace up to 75% of your regular income in the event of an accident or illness that prevents you from working.…

  • A Reliable Test of Super performance
    Superannuation Advice

    A Reliable Test of Super performance

    Nearly all of us are superannuants or potential one, and the YFYS (Your Future Your Super) reforms are aimed to enhance the experience of people. We can all agree that the reform plan has good intentions. Consequently, it is vital that it serves its intended function, hence, one of the most crucial reform initiatives is a test of the returns on investments.  Unfortunately, studies have shown that performance testing does not produce the desired results. Statistically, the performance test will struggle to separate ‘good’ funds from ‘bad’. The potential cost of the limits may outweigh the predicted benefits of the YFYS reforms, and the performance test would considerably restrict the…